For how long is the download page working?
As long as GamesRage exists! If this time will have to be shortened a bit (storage space costs some), we'll notify you via email at least a month in advance.
Can I buy the bundle after it's finished?
It is possible to buy our bundles exclusively during the entire sale (14 days by default). Upon completion of the sale there is no possibility of purchasing the bundle.
Can I download the games upon completion of the sale?
Of course. Every customer receives own unique link, through which she can download her games even after the completion of sale.
I didn't receive my link. What am I supposed to do?
The link with the address for downloading the bundle was sent on the e-mail given at the purchase. If the link didn't arrive please check the spam folder. If it isn't there please contact us at
Apart from games am I getting any bonuses?
It depends on the game. Nevertheless, we are trying to make sure that every bundle has some content from the authors (soundtracks, wallpapers, art).
I bought the bundle, now what?
After a proper purchase of the bundle you will receive an e-mail with the address of the site with your order. Notice: Sometimes the message lands in inbox after 2-3 hours (due to many email servers using "greylisting" as an anti-spam measure), so we ask for a bit of patience.
Can I buy the bundle for somebody else?
Yes! We implemented the possibility of gifting bought bundle, available on your bundle download page. Bear in mind: bundle can be gifted only once and generates a new download link, sending it to the gifted person and making previous (gifter's) link no longer valid.
Can I pay extra money to the earlier paid amount?
Yes! As long as the bundle lasts, you can increase the amount paid for your bundle. This is also available on the bundle download page.
Will I receive Steam keys as soon as the game from the bundle goes through the Steam Greenlight service?
Yes! Shortly after a game from our bundle is chosen by the community and appears on Steam we receive the keys from developers and they are claimable on your bundle download page.
What ways of paying for the bundle are available?
Games Rage is accepting payments via credit card, Paypal and Dotpay (instant e-transfers, available only if you have a bank account in one of the supported banks in Poland).
Do I have my own account on which I'll be able to log onto in order to receive keys to the games?
No you don't, the download link is everything you need -- we respect your privacy. However if you'd like to keep all your GamesRage (and BookRage and ComicsRage) orders in one place, we are in the process of developing "RagePanel" where you'll be able to register and have all purchases in one place.

Got any more questions? Hit us up with an email to