Terms & Conditions

1. Company information is a site owned and maintained by Code Red, a company registered in Poland and therefore governed by law of Poland and European Union.

Code Red Tomasz Stachewicz
ul. Sosnkowskiego 17 m. 39
02-495 Warszawa
NIP: 522-273-82-98

2. Contact information

Contact e-mail address:

Phone number: +48 600874193

3. Subject of sale is a site selling digital goods (games), available as downloads.

All the prices include 23% VAT for digital goods.

3. Delivery of goods

All the goods are digital and downloadable from An email with URL to the page allowing download of bought goods (the link is unique and identifies a given purchase) will be sent within 24 hours of successful processing of payment.

4. Payment Safety is available only via HTTPS protocol, encrypted using 256-bit SSL certificate. The only cookies are being served by Espago (payment provider) and itself.

Your card number and other sensitive information (expiry date, cvv codes) is not sent to servers. It's handled by

5. Return policy

You can return any given product (whole pack) within 10 days of purchase, without having to explain the reason of return. The return is possible only if the product hasn't been used. Due to the digital nature of sold goods, this means that no file from the pack has been downloaded and no distribution platform key has been claimed.

6. Complaints policy

If the bought pack is defective: files cannot be downloaded or don't work despite fulfilling technical requirements, please send us a complaint to the email address given above. Processing a complaint (getting a decisive answer) will take no more than 14 days.

7. Other possible issues

In case of not receiving the email with link to downloading bought goods within 24 hours of purchase, please check the unwanted email ("spam") of your email account. If it's still nowhere to be found, please send us an email with payment confirmation information.

8. Privacy policy

No user account on is required to purchase goods or access the purchased goods.

We do not use tracking cookies (the only sent cookies, from and, are not used for tracking). Cookies from external services (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) will be sent to your browser after enabling relevant social share button.